Sunday, December 31, 2023

Sunday 31st December 2023....Posts now Halted

From a K-Pop Star to a Hot Model

BELOW LEFT GIF:  14U and Hyunwoong gets a little over friendly with Gyung-Tae.
Bursting onto the pages of Stealer Body Profile online Magazine are some quite sensational
pictures of former K-Pop artist Gyung-Tae.
He was once part of that somewhat oversized Pop outfit 14U,a group that first made their debut in 2017
but disbanded two years later in 2019 due to yet another controversy within the world of K-Pop.

I remember at the time thinking that 14U were a little overloaded with too many members,
once 14 then reduced to 13. And I guess that it must be a rarity to find a Western Pop outfit with
that many members in just one group. But don't argue with Korean K-Pop fans about this, they see
it as quite normal.

So I wonder if Gyung-Tae has given up with his musical ambitions and is now giving
it a go in the world of modelling. He certainly is looking spectacular.

AI.IO Beauty

Another excellent image from the ai digital pages at AI.IO twitter. In fact you can see how
I've adjusted this single image myself, giving it a black and white theme. The original full colour
version can be seen below. (click to enlarge).
Interestingly their twitter page for December is awash with some gorgeous wintery and festive models.

Asian Hyungs

Here's an interesting collection of someone's favourite Asian models online.
And more can be found at ASIAN HYUNGS plus more on their INSTA PAGE.

Hot Latino on the Escalator

Here's a handsome Latin fella wearing a Sombrero hat on the escalator in a location believed to
be in Medellin Colombia.
The full but brief video can be seen HERE on a youtube page at LUCKGUYS.

More of Meiji

More of Japanese beauty Meiji who I first posted up HERE earlier this year.

As Fit as Liam

Lots more of hot and fit Liam can be seen on his Twitter
and Onlyfans links.