Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Cima....Prince of the Pole

Here's a familiar looking character from my previous Blog. Cima is a popular Japanese
Pole Dancer on the Pole Dancing Club circuit. And the Pole isn't always part of his Club act,
as he enjoys stripping and teasing the Club punters, both men and women.
Below is a short video and profile of Cima.
Cima's links below.

February's Up and Coming BL Dramas

In the video above are 21 up and coming Asian BL Dramas for this month and all
recommended by the people at Thai BL Youtube Channel, although do excuse the robotic
vocal presentation of the video. Most of the Dramas are new releases while some are generally
ongoing productions.
I was pleased to see in that list of 21 the Drama 'Candy Color Paradox' as I've been watching a
few defragmented episodes. Some fans have accused it of some wooden acting, but I'm okay
with it and it is rare to have two handsome actors in the main roles. And I love the way
the handsome Kaburagi cruelly teases Onoe.

Below: Jyutaro Yamanaka & Kimura Keito in 'Candy Color Paradox.'

Thanks to Ian for updating me on February's BL Dramas to watch out for.

Don't look up he might kiss you.

Monday, January 30, 2023


Here's a model with the slightly English name of Morris who last Summer passed through
Timothy's Photo Studios for a brief photo session. I say brief as there's only a few images
of him on the photographer's website. Hopefully he might return for another new session.
Timothy is of course responsible for the popularity of Model YILIANBOY after producing a couple
of published photo books on the model. 



Here's a young gay online model who grabbed my attention through his pages on twitter over
this last year. Gabriel is from Mexico. And when you see his pictures and videos on twitter
you'll definitely come to the conclusion that he is a one off. And although he's actually 20 yrs old
he looks much younger.
His tiny waist and muscular thighs give him a really unique physique. And after joining twitter
it didn't take him too long to take the step up to Onlyfans.

And interestingly last November when it looked like twitter was about to implode, Gabriel's page
got more racy, believing that twitter was about to shut down, meaning that he would have no
selling point for his Onlyfans page. But alas twitter survived and so he's still able to post there.

Gabriel's links below.. 


Busan Beauties

With now so many Asian photo studios out there it's always a treat to stumble upon a new
unfamiliar one. And OFS Studios is based in Busan South Korea. It's online Facebook
pages certainly feature some handsome male models as well as a few curvy females.
Some  links below.